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The definition of the scope when managing a project or product is a very important step no matter what management methodology is used. If the scope is clear, realistic, finalized, agreed upon, and well-defined, it will contribute to the project’s success.

Product scope is defined as the functions and features that characterize a product or a service.

The correct definition of the project scope is not an easy task. The below articles show you all the work needed to define it correctly.

How do you define Scope? Part 1

How do you define Scope? Part 2

How do you define Scope? Part 3

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How do we set up the correct metric? How to create a set of comprehensive metrics to be used in ongoing evaluations? The below article about the Twelve Rules of Metrics can help set goals and targets for KPI metrics that are integrated with business decisions.

A key performance indicator…



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A product roadmap is a high-level summary that maps out your product vision and product strategy. It acts as a strategic plan that describes the likely development of the digital product over a period of time.

The smallest unit of work in the Agile Methodology are the user stories. They are the work that needs to be done, to achieve the vision of the product strategy and the result, of the story mapping analysis.

This last number of this series about Agile foundations is all about going from the conception of the roadmap, to the difference between a user story and a task.

How to make a roadmap?

Story Mapping

Product Backlog Grooming

What are Epics and Initiatives?

Difference Between a Story and a Task

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